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Tiny Butchers #obsessedwithdioramas


    Tiny Butchers #obsessedwithdioramas

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Untitled, 2008.David Drennon


    Untitled, 2008.
    David Drennon

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    Redmond Treehouse. One of the most astonishing treehouses ever built. The palace constructed around a broad-leafed maple tree looks like straight from a tale about Peter Pan. The amazing three-level treehouse was originally built two decades ago by Steve Rondel for his kids. Unfortunately  children grew up before Mr. Rondel could finish it, but the new hope right now is that one day there will be grandchildren who will give an excuse to finish this masterpiece. Located in Redmond, Washington, USA. 

    p.s. Check out our Bored Panda article for a fun collection of treehouses and contribute!

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  4. a name and a story

    Opal Stackhouse was my mom’s birthmother’s name. I know nothing about the original Opal Stackhouse. My mom was adopted as an infant. When you have no one telling you family stories, lineage, history - you do a lot of supposing and wondering. Your history exists, as bloody real magical mundane like everyone else’s but no one is telling you that - You. Are. Part. Of. This. You create your own story. You are part of nothing, until you make yourself be part of something. You create it and figure it out.

    That’s what I do at Opal Stackhouse on any given day. Create it, and figure it out.

    We’re starting a new project, and I feel pretty lucky that I’m part of a team that is valued for using our imagination and figuring shit out. Cheers to new stories, new problems, new solutions, new bar tops, new hi tops. 


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    Ashley Puckett of Opal Stackhouse recently asked me to photograph their redesign of Bodega in the Short North. Opal Stackhouse is responsible for the awesome work of The Crest, Elm & Iron, and Ethyl and Tank, so I was really excited when she asked if I was interested in shooting Bodega! 

    We decided to shoot the space both during the day and at night. It’s amazing how different a space can feel in different light. If you were ever in Bodega before, it’s a great change to the cramped space it was - I love all the small details and craftsmanship that went it. I didn’t include a photo here, but the bathroom hallway might be my favorite area (you’ll have to see it for yourself when you go there & drink). I’m also looking forward to trying the new menu…

  7. Ladies bowling league. Toledo,Ohio.

    Ladies bowling league. Toledo,Ohio.

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Lambs Ears, 1999 — Nan Goldin


    Lambs Ears, 1999 — Nan Goldin

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