1. We had an art opening at the shop this past weekend featuring the work of Keith Simpson. If you are not yet familiar with Keith’s work, you will be someday. He’s gonna be famous.   Ceramic Bison, wooden boxes, screen-printed abstracts, a carved brick parking lot of cars, dinosaur sculptures, mountainous table tops, and a ceramic head with a full head of horse hair all nestled into the Opal Stackhouse shop environment quite nicely. Most photos are either before or after the show, with the exception of the snapshots of Luna and Jacey, the beer and pickletenders of the evening. I’m so so bad at taking photos during an event. Too busy eventing.  Thanks to all that came out and showed your cute faces. 

    The show will be up through the end of August. Regular shop hours are Sundays 12-4 or by appointment (614 309-3213). And stay tuned for future events. I’d like to do another before the end of the month. 

    xoxo OS