1. Opal Stackhouse will be setting up shop at the springfield flea this weekend. Come see! Come buy! 

    Springfield Extravaganza: springfieldantiqueshow.com

    You can find us in the Vintage Marketplace section. 

    Friday 8-6 / Saturday 8-5 / Sunday 9-4. 

  2. One of a kinda table lamp, made from reclaimed materials by Aaron klamut. #thesethingslookgoodtogether #vintage #handmade #home #lighting #artisan #reclaimed  (Taken with Instagram at Opal Stackhouse)

    One of a kinda table lamp, made from reclaimed materials by Aaron klamut. #thesethingslookgoodtogether #vintage #handmade #home #lighting #artisan #reclaimed (Taken with Instagram at Opal Stackhouse)

  3. These are a few of her favorite things…

    Meet Jacey. She’s a frequent Opal Stackhouse shopper, and she’s real cool. The girl’s got a keen eye, and I’m gonna go ahead and share with you the things she’s coveting in the shop at the moment. If for some reason you owe her a present…These are her top picks. She doesn’t know I’m writing this right now and revealing her faves to the internet. Hope you’re not mad Jacey!

    Her number one favorite thing: Party in a BOX. All you need for a picnic, (including a dog bowl) fits compactly together. $25
    Number two: Terrier serving tray. $15
    Number three: Handsome navy mug. $8
    Number four: Charming yellow dish. $12
    Number five: Prison cards (1938) $10 for 2.
    Number six: Pickle pin. (Truth be told…she just bought this)
    Number seven: Turkey leg. Made by Michelle Maguire. $10 each
    Number eight: Paper tape. (not really for sale)

    Number nine: coasters. Made by Scott Williams http://nvy.gd/HTxjZL

    Number ten: Flash bulb art piece: Made by Aaron Klamut. $345

  4. Contemporary Coffee Table Art made by Scott Williams. Set of six: $88

    Beautiful and functional art for your tabletop.  Reclaimed from an original piece of vintage signage that has been laminated to a chunk of 3/8” thick wood and backed by felt. The glossy wet look of these pieces really makes the color pop and seals in the design goodness; providing a waterproof surface. Stay tuned… more of these typography, sign, and found art based coaster compositions are due to arrive this spring at Opal Stackhouse.

  5. Coffee table made of salvaged materials by Aaron Klamut

    Klamut dropped off his latest piece this week. It’s a handsome coffee table! Boy is it solid. So many elements to this table make it truly unique. The base is salvaged Douglas Fir from a factory on Prescott Alley (Italian Village? Columbus, OH). It is a through-leg design, with the legs bolted to the frame - like I said, it’s solid. There are leveling feet for uneven floors. Underneath the 3/4” glass top is tongue and groove bead board from a porch ceiling on W. 1st Ave (Harrison West? Columbus, OH). A signature is burned on the bottom by the maker. Yep, it’s a gem, and it’s in the shop now. $750

  6. Oak side table: by local master woodworker Tarik Yousef $450

    This Oak side table arrived in the shop last week, and it is quite stunning. Like, stop you in your tracks, stunning. Like, I’m walking across the room to do something very important, and one glance at the spalted grain, cracks, swirls, and knots and I am totally lost in the table’s story, stunning.  

    The Pin Oak beam is aged 10 years. Salvaged from the reject pile at the local mill, shaped to be perfectly square, and treated with a non-toxic oil and wax finish.